Wenatchee Valley Symphony Music Ambassadors are a group of music lovers who want to spread the joy of music throughout our region on a personal level. Music Ambassadors perform in small ensembles and share our portable music making activities during an array of symphony community projects and events such as day tables, service club presentations, senior center or living facility demonstrations and in local establishments and schools.

If you are interested in the small ensemble performance leg of the Music Ambassador project, we encourage you to join us for a Jam Session, where players of all ability levels are welcome. Jam Sessions are structured to provide a mix of ensemble sizes and ability levels in a relaxed atmosphere. The next Jam Session is:

  • Tuesday, April 17, 7-9pm, Wenatchee Valley College Music and Art Center
  • More information is available by viewing the flyer
  • Please let us know if you plan to join us by signing up

If you are interested in spreading the joy of music through the region with our portable music making activities, you may view our volunteer schedule to see where we are presenting next and sign up where your schedule allows.

For more information on our Music Ambassador projects, please contact the office at 667-2640 or